The Tally plugin to information

Tally Business Process | Tallyplug

Field Operations

Streamline field operations directly into Tally

Local Access

Offline and accounting independent data access

Cloud Access

Enter and Mangage Tally information from anywhere

Business Mobility

Take decisions on business data while mobile


Live Sync | Tallyplug

Tally Commerce

  • Keep your trust with Tally and seamlessly build an ecommerce portal in minutes. 
  • Any orders you receive on woocommerce directly get created into Tally.
  • Showcase your stock portfolio to the world without leaving the world of Tally.
Visualize and Report on Tally© | Tallyplug

Visualize and Report on Tally©

  • Pre built reports for Ledgers, Vouchers / Transactions, Stock.
  • Ledger and Stock closing always in sync with Tally.
  • Export to PDF and share with anyone.

Undelete, Backup & Restore

  • Your Tally is automatically backed up.
  • Accidental deletions from Tally or Tallyplug can be recovered whenever you want.
  • System crashes do not impact your business. Everything can be restored in minutes.

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