Terms and Conditions


1.1. Company implies business corporation tallyplug, workspace at Bhubaneswar, Khorda, Odisha, India.

1.2. Customer implies business or a person purchasing/using the product. Every individual identified regarding the company registration number is an entrepreneur.

1.3. Product information is present on the official website that includes all the software products and services of the company. In case of queries, the customers can reach out to the representative or the call centre.

1.4. Licensing agreement is a contract between customer and company under which the software product will be used.


2.1. A software product’s mentioned terms and conditions are a significant component of the contract and govern the parties’ rights and responsibilities.

2.2. Customer conveys their agreement to the provisions of the GTC by signing the licensing agreement.

2.3. For the avoidance of doubt, parties acknowledge that the company may offer the customer other favorable terms for the use of products for a limited period. The customer must meet all requirements.


3.1. Customer can order software product:

  1. By a written/scanned written order delivered to the company or its website.
  2. Electronically through the company’s website
  3. By telephone, with an agreement to all the terms and conditions along with the condition that the company allows this way of ordering in the country where the user resides.

3.2. Following details are considered essential by parties:

  1. Customer identity- company/trade name, registration no, business location, email address, name of representative, contact number.
  2. A software product name that includes its version and period for which a license will be granted.

3.3. Licencing is concluded when the customer agrees to the terms and conditions and installs the unique license code, and one cannot install it unless he/she agrees to the terms and conditions.


4.1. The software product must only be used for the intended purpose.

4.2. Customer should accept that the product is owned and protected legally by the company.

4.3. Customer cannot make any modifications to the software that do not relate to the company without the company’s prior written authorization. Moreover, one cannot sell the license either rent it to another without any consent.

4.4. Customer is obliged to inform the company if:

  1. Changes are made in personal details, i.e., name, contact number, trade name, registered office/place of business, or where appropriate, other details given in the company connection with an acknowledgment of change during the performance of the operational services that the company provides.
  2. Authorization granted by the customer gets expired.
  3. Factorial changes can impact the product’s provision of the company in any way.

4.5. Customer is not allowed to use the product in a manner that could harm the reputation of the company or harm other customers.

4.6. Customer is not allowed to use the intellectual property of the company elsewhere for personal business.

4.7. Customer should have a backup of all data acquired from the product.


5.1. Company reserves rights due to the nature of the software product to:

  1. Make changes to improve quality
  2. Modification

5.2. Company can suspend the operations of the product at the time of maintenance of the product for protection purposes or any such emergency.

5.3. Company can restrict the operation if the customer fails to maintain dignity or is found misusing the product.

5.4. Company can use the information about the usage and operational behavior of the product.


6.1. Customer’s data includes name, DOB, address, data of surveys, bank details, identification details, business location, registration no, email address, trade name, and all the identification data.

6.2. Company protects the data collected by the GDPR.

6.3. Customers’ data collected can be used in any explicit consent, necessary step regarding licensing, protection of rights, and fulfillment of obligations.

6.4. Customer declares that he/she was duly informed about all the processes of collection of data and its usage.


7.1. Company does not interfere with the customers’ stored data.

7.2. Customer has full responsibility for the downloaded or stored data that is complied with legal rules and laws.

7.3. When a customer uses the cloud, cookies are sent for faster recognition. Customers may even disable the cookies if needed.


8.1. Company can send information or messages related to GTC, contracts, and other company matters to the customer by email or other means.

8.2. Customer can communicate through the company portals or emails.

8.3. The information or communications are considered to be delivered when it enters the part within reach of the recipient. For example, if a particular email is sent to the customer regarding some important detail and the customer fails to read it, then the company does not take any responsibility. As the message was left unread on the customers’ side, keeping him/her at fault.


9.1. Product complaints can be given in writing on the company’s official website.

9.2. Complaint must contain all the contact and identification details, along with all necessary proofs.

9.3. If any product requires maintenance, then it is the right of the customer to ask for the services to the company.


10.1. When a provision becomes invalid or null if the current GTC, it does not affect the remaining provisions of GTC.

10.2. Every little information regarding the software product is available on the website that is accessible to all.

10.3. Current GTC does not affect the provisions of other legislation.

10.4. Parties accept the amendment of the GTC by the company specifically as an outcome of changes in the technological legislation changes.

10.5. Customers will get information about the amendment and supplementation of GTC on the official website of the company.

10.6. Both the parties acknowledge the period of limitation for rights arising with the agreement.

10.7. The company can unilaterally set off all the claims that might include non-mature claims.