Tallyplug can be used independently and information can be shared with other Tallyplug installations.

Independent | Tallyplug
  1. Download the tallyplug installer from https://app.tallyplug.com/

2. This should open up the installer start screen as shown

User Account Control | Tallyplug
For 32 bit installer it should show tallyplug32.exe. Click the “Yes” button here.
Just follow the instructions and continue with the setup till you “Finish”.

The installer will do the following for you

  1. Start the application and present to you with the desktop home screen.

4. Click on Launch button here

5. This will bring you to the welcome view as shown. This view will scan for Tallyplug installations and provide you options.

Select the “Independent Accounting” section “Master Company” option and press the Start button
Tallyplug-independent-master | Tallyplug
Now you can use the “Master Company” to do your accounting entries

Enjoy Tallyplug and share your feedback on care@tallyplug.com