Sending to Accountant | Tallyplug

Usually this scenario comes up when Accountant wants to share information i.e. Stock, Ledger / Transaction information to Business.

Currently this happens over email / shared excel sheets.

Advantages of using Tallyplug format as an exchange medium

  1. Tallyplug preserves the Tally© structure and hence data exported from one point can be imported into another seamlessly.
  2. Tallplug ensures that data entry only happens at one point and multiple operations do not happen on the same data.
  3. Reduces the work effort in validating, re entering information at multiple points.
  4. Master export and import is supported via excel only.
  5. Voucher / Transactional data is supported via excel and xml formats.

Exporting XML data from Tally:

  1. Please refer to the steps mentioned inside Tallyplug
  2. Goto -> Menu -> Voucher -> Import -> Import Slides
  3. Please follow the steps and export XML format. This export is compatible with Tallyplug import.
  4. So to share XML with your client and avoid duplication this mechanism can be used.

Exporting XML data from Tallyplug:

  1. Goto Voucher -> Listing -> XML Button (Left Top) -> Click

Importing XML data into Tallyplug:

  1. Goto Voucher -> Import -> XML Tab -> Upload

Exporting excel data from Tallyplug:

  1. Enter master information i.e. Ledger / Stock into Tallyplug
  2. Enter transaction information i.e. Sales, Purchase, Payment, Receipt etc into Tallyplug.
  3. To export Stock info excel goto -> Menu -> Stock -> Listing -> Choose All Groups -> Export.
  4. To export Ledger info excel goto -> Menu -> Ledger -> Listing -> Select Category -> Export.
  5. To export transaction / vouchers -> Menu -> Voucher -> Listing -> Export
  6. Now you can share the exported excel via email / whatsapp to your Accountant.

Importing excel data into Tallyplug:

  1. For Ledger import -> Menu -> Ledger -> Import -> Upload
  2. For Stock import -> Menu -> Stock -> Import -> Upload
  3. For Voucher import -> Menu -> Voucher -> Import -> XLS Tab -> Upload

* Please not voucher sharing by excel mode does not preserve the voucher unique identifier and hence resolves in new entries on the receiver side.

Using Pearnode Connector:

  1. Register with pearnode.
  2. Purchase a subscription.
  3. Use the licensed user to log into Tallyplug i.e Header -> Top Right -> Login button
  4. Share the user details with your Accountant so that they can log in using same method.
  5. Goto Menu -> Config -> Pearnode -> Map Profile -> Update.
  6. Now both the systems should be connected in live sync mode.
  7. Any updates that you do should reflect with your Accountant.
  8. Any update done by your Accountant should reflect with your Tallyplug.

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