Privacy Policy

We at tallyplug take privacy and security of your data solemnly. Personal data is something that identifies and gives an immediate roundabout of you. It includes name, contact number, email address, DOB, etc. 

The types of personal data we handle rely on how you use our services. The services offer customized online services; respond to requests, to contact you about tailored products and services of your interest. The data is processed in compliance with data protection legislation in effect. Except for our affiliates and data processors, we do not share your details with any other party. We use cookies for marketing and statistical purposes with your permission. 

We provide you with numerous options for managing your personal data. 

Privacy guidelines :

  • We promptly answer your inquiries about the personal data processing
  • Your personal data will be used by applicable data protection regulations.
  • We are transparent regarding the use of your personal data that including telling you about the kind of information we gather, how we use it, and who we share it with. 
  • You can simply use the ‘STOP’ option if you are not satisfied with the marketing communications.
  • We secure both online and offline data in the same way
  • We take precautions to ensure, unauthorized individuals, do not access your data.

Privacy policy :

  • We dedicatedly maintain your privacy and protect the security of your personal data. 
  • The policy describes the personal data categories, along with how we process and safeguard that information.
  • The policy governs the data processing in connection with the service/product we provide through the website. This includes data collected online through VARs and sales centers offline, accessed applications, and branded pages on third-party platforms.
  • The policy applies to targeted information, like online offers and adverts that we might provide you on third-party websites based on your internet usage. These websites may have different policies, which are advised to read first before accessing. 

Who is in charge of what happens to your information?

We tallyplug as the company will take responsibility for your data about the service. You can always write or inquire about the company via call or email.

When will we ask for your permission?

You accept that we process your data in compliance with the policy by using our services and sites. Hence, if you decline to process your data in this way then kindly do not use our services or send your details. 

We process your data to offer you the services, only with your consent for marketing reasons, use cookies, or process your sensitive personal data. We ask for your express consent where we process your data based on your consent, but in some situations and only permitted by law, we might infer consent transparently from your activities. Moreover, if we need to use personal data for purposes not covered by this policy, or for marketing purposes, we may ask you to obtain additional consent.

What if one of the customers is a minor?

Some of the customers who are under the age of 18 may choose to browse services. If we know that a client is under the age of 18, we shall not use his/her data for marketing unless we receive written parental authorization. 

In order to provide parental consent, you can write to the company’s contact details. However, a few areas of the sites and services may be restricted to individuals over the age of a specific age. 

What reasons do we need your personal data?

When you visit our sites, subscribe to a newsletter, receive information complete a survey, leave a remark or query, or contact customer service, we gather your personal details from you, or public databases and data aggregators as well as third party sources. 

Using our websites with or without cookies:

What kind of personal information do we gather about you?

We procedure the subsequent personal data: information about the type of browser you use, information of the types of browsers, IP and tool address, cookie ID, clicked links, profile picture, user name, gender, networks, and information collected by cookies or similar tracking devices.

 Other records you select to proportion while using third-party sites like social media pages of tallyplug. We may communicate personal details to the relevant social media network provider when you click on one of our sites. 

What is the purpose of your data being processed? 

When you visit our sites, we use cookies and other similar technologies to process data about you such as pixels, and other tools to improve your experience by evaluating our products and services.

 And, understanding your browsing habits, analysing the productivity of advertisements, personalizing your website experience, and examining statistics on websites activity. 

Examining includes the time you visited, whether you have been before, reviewing your used and searched services. 

What legal basis do you have for processing your data?

While using our sites, your consent is the legal basis for personal data processing. You can change the cookie settings in your browser to suit your level of cookie security.


What kind of personal information do we gather about you? 

Name, surname, email address, phone number, company, country, PCB layout tool, and the reason for requesting access, posts, and other content you submit to our sites. 

Kindly do not send us unencrypted emails with details about your health or other sensitive data.

What is the purpose of your data being processed? 

When you reach out to us, we process your data to reply to your questions and concerns. We process the information you provide when you sign up for an account or later update or modify data in your account.

It is processed so that we can offer you the services you have requested such as replying to your questions or comments. We examine the services and pages you visit on our websites. 

How long do we keep your personal information? 

We will only keep your data as long as the mentioned purposes for which it was gathered or received are met, as well as until our statutory responsibilities to keep records expire.

What legal basis do you have for processing your data?

Tallyplug is permitted by applicable data protection regulations to process your data to perform a contract with you. 

Your permission is the legal basis for processing your data if you give us sensitive personal data.

Who will get access to your personal information? 

  • Providers of services:

We might share your details with:

Trusted third parties and relevant companies supporting our marketing strategies and activities, and site administration;

Trustworthy third parties will be helping us in analysing and processing your data, to provide us insights about you that we can use to improve our promotion, products, and services. Moreover, to keep track of the effectiveness of a specific campaign. 

Additionally, without your permission, we will not allow any party to use your details in any way. We shall require each trusted party to put in place the necessary technical and organizational safeguards to protect your data.

  • Other recipients:

The other recipients who treat your data may receive your data:

Social media platforms so that they can give us a hand in delivering advertisements directly to the page or mailbox. 

Law enforcement or other agencies if a situation occurs to do so, or by a warrant or court order to disclose your data.  

Sharing information on how to use the site

We might share usage information with trusted third parties with your permission to provide you with customized content, including relevant promotions for products and services. 

The sites and third-party sites might set and access their cookies and tracking technologies to enable us to deliver customized content and advertising to you.

Do the third parties work according to our privacy policies?

Privacy policies of different parties are different. We as a company do not share the same policies with other parties. Therefore, we recommend that you should go through the party’s policies separately, which might contain some additional information that they follow in the company.

How long do we keep your personal information? 

We keep your data until the purposes are served for which we obtained it and until our record-keeping responsibilities have ended.

What are your rights?

  • Confirm whether or not we process personal data from you.
  • Correction of inaccurate personal data.
  • Restriction of processing of personal data.

Can you revoke your consent to the processing of your data?

You have the right to withdraw your consent provided your consent is the legal basis of the processing of your data.

Can you complain to data protection authorities?

You can file a complaint if you think that the processing of personal data violates applicable data protection laws.

Can we change our privacy policy?

The policy might be updated from time to time. To the extent processing of personal information will be with your permission, the scope of processing will remain the same without your additional consent. Hence, it is recommended to visit the area frequently to stay informed.