Simplest of the tallyplug installation scenarios where Tally© is in your system and you want to use tallyplug.

Installing with Network Tally Server | Tallyplug

You just need to download tallyplug installer for your system and run it.

The installer will do the following for you

  1. Install tallyplug in your system. Installation steps can be found <here>
  2. Configure Tally© to link to tallyplug.
  3. Start the application and present to you with the desktop home screen.

4. Click on Launch button here

5. This will bring you to the welcome view as shown. This view will scan for configured Tally installations and present you with options.

You can see that Tally is already detected here. Click on the start button here.

6. This will take you the app index view as shown. Master company is the default tallyplug company.

Please click on the refresh button. Tallyplug pulls your selected Tally© companies and shows them for selection.

Now select the company you want to work with.
Master loading starts automatically and the progress is shown in the dashboard. Once stock and ledger (Master) data is loaded then the voucher loading for last 7 days is started by default.

You are done now with the basic installation. The complete refrence guide on the functions can be found <here>

Enjoy Tallyplug and share your feedback on